It is good to go out once in a while and take a break from playing online games

It is good to go out once in a while and take a break from playing online games. As game developers, we get our inspiration from local public art as we let them play with our imagination and carry us away to a specific time and place along with what adventures and mischiefs could happen along the way. Today, we are going to share with you another local public art that we have recently visited. We went to the Monroe County Courthouse which is located in the Courthouse Square in Bloomington, Indiana.

Bloomington has always been the most populated town in Monroe because of its ideal landscape.  Businesses and residents flock to the area.  The courthouse has been the seat of power for the county and houses government offices up to this day.    This courthouse is listed in the National Register of Historic Places for its significance in art and architecture.  It was built in 1908.  The building was designed by Wing and Mahurin of Fort Wayne.  The general contractors were George Caldwell and Lester Drake.  The architects and contractors of the building were also known for designing and constructing other famous and historical structure during their time.  Its architectural style follows that of beaux arts which were also the popular design in this period. The courthouse is made of limestone which used to be an abundant natural resource in the soils of Bloomington.  The limestone industry was one of the booming businesses in Indiana during the time that the courthouse was built.

The Monroe County Courthouse follows the Beaux Arts style of architecture.  This was in vogue when the courthouse was designed and constructed.  It was commonly used for public and institutional buildings.  This early modern style of architecture reflected the artists’ grand and progressive outlook.  One will immediately notice the intricate designs and details on the walls and ceiling of the building which truly reflected the beaux-arts style that left little area unornamented. The classical appearance and elaborate structure of this architectural design were vividly expressed using limestone.

It is always a pleasure to see local public art and we cannot wait to design games with possibly the county courthouse as one of the locations for some adventure to happen.