The Adventures of Albert and Otto is one of the best, if not THE BEST, video games I have ever played. I bought the deluxe edition and it lived up to its promise of keeping me entertained and excited for more things to come. The plot and setting of the game are truly interesting and enough to get you hooked for sure. There is a proper transition from easy to challenging levels. The puzzles are both fun and mind-boggling. When you are having troubles or glitches, it is very easy to get in touch with their tech support team who will guide you on how to fix the problem. I am excited for the second part of their escapade with the pretty princess! When will you release it? I will surely save money to be able to buy it as soon as it is out on the market. – Jethro of Indie Games Magazine

At first, I was quite disappointed because I could not seem to make it work properly. There were glitches and the controls were not functioning so I could not make the things levitate or shoot opponents. So, I decided to contact their Tech Support team. The one who assisted me was very approachable and knew every part of the game that was why he was able to teach me what to do, step by step, to fix the glitches. After that, I had an amazing time playing this game. It will really take you to a different kind of adventure with its unique setting, a challenging plot, perplexing puzzles, and horrible monsters. You need to be smart and think out of the box to get the clues and solve the puzzles. It will really make you think but it is so much fun! – Alain from Entertainment Weekly