Hello, gamers! Welcome to The Adventures of Albert and Otto

Hello, gamers! Welcome to The Adventures of Albert and Otto

Hello, gamers! Welcome to The Adventures of Albert and Otto. Come and let us have some fun!

The Adventures of Albert and Otto is the brainchild of a group of web application developers, The Mokuni LLC. Since its launching, we have had hundred thousands of downloads and raves from gamers about this game. The game is about Albert and his pet or sidekick, Otto, who go out on an adventure somewhere in Europe in search of a pretty damsel in distress. Of course, an adventure begins as the duo encounter different challenges along the way. For every successful challenge, they get a cue that would lead them closer to their quest of saving the pretty girl.

The Adventures of Albert and Otto and its developers have received various awards for this game. One of them is Pax Prime’s Best Game in 2015. They also received positive reviews and feedback from Indie Hangover, Entertainment Weekly, Gamers Magazine, among others. Our team continuously works to update and improve the game to remove bugs and glitches so that our gamers can enjoy it while playing with their friends inside their A1 Garage Doors in Milwaukee or anywhere in the world.

To those who do not have The Adventures of Albert and Otto yet, head on over to our Online Store to purchase the application and install it right away on your computers, laptops, or mobile phones and start playing! Find out what the rave is all about and experience an adventure like no other. We accept credit card, Paypal, and online wallet payments to make it more convenient for you. We also have The Adventures of Albert and Otto merchandises on sale such as shirts, hoodies, mugs, USBs, earphones, dolls and action figures to feed your Albert and Otto craze.  The Adventures of Albert and Otto is also available for download at the Apple Store, Google Play, and Steam.

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